VideoWebWizard 2.04

It's a software tool that allows you to convert videos into web format
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VideoWebWizard 2.0 is a new software tool that allows you to easily and quickly convert videos into web format.
The VideoWebWizard 2.0 software has a wizard-like functionality. It literally walks you through the few steps to converting video to website format.
There are new features in this version:
1Multiple Video Conversion - Create video playlists quickly & easily by converting multiple videos at the same time
2. Download Videos From YouTube - Use videos you've already uploaded to YouTube & put them in a more professional video player
3. Web Page Templates - Choose from 50 different web pages, minisites, and video optin templates when converting a video
4. Five Brand-New Players - Including two video playlist players, two widescreen players, and one compact player
5. Thirteen Video Skins Included - Spice up your videos with these "picture frames" for online videos
6. Brand Your Videos - Overlay an image or logo on top of your video
7. Generate Code Feature - Easily put your video on an existing web page.

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